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Making Calgary a Fair Trade Town

Our goal is to help Calgary attain Fair Trade Town status.

Fair Trade Town is a designation that acknowledges the leadership and commitment of individual Canadian municipalities.  Only products and producers can be certified Fair Trade.

Once we achieve the number of required number of businesses, organizations and schools our plan is to submit our application to Fair Trade International for approval.

Our Mission

Fair Trade Calgary is a group under the not-for-profit organization Engineers Without Borders, Calgary Professional Chapter.

We are working to increase awareness and encourage availability of fair trade products in Calgary.

We would like ethical purchasing to be an everyday choice for Calgarians, with fair trade products easily accessible at stores and restaurants across the City.

This can be achieved when the general public is more knowledgeable about the global impact of buying fair trade products locally.

At A Glance

Fair trade empowers marginalized producers to improve their own living conditions. With the proper resources, capacity, and access to key relationships, disadvantaged producers can earn their own means to a better life for themselves and their communities. 

Fair trade principles include a fair price paid for the product, ethical working conditions, environmental sustainability, long term business relationships with producers, as the entire premium goes to community initiatives.

Both the Canadian Fair Trade Network (CFTN) and Fairtrade Canada support Fair Trade Calgary’s Campaign to achieve Fair Trade Town status. 

The Canadian Fair Trade Network

Fair Trade +

Are we supporting ethical purchasing even if the product is not Fair trade certified?


Many times, it is hard for a small business to find the resources to offer at least two Fairtrade products.  Fair Trade Calgary still believes in recognizing and encouraging businesses that are following the basic principles of Fair Trade, but are not able to be counted for our official Fair Trade Town Status designation. 

We also want to educate the public that these small businesses deserve support and encouragement to continue to grow, and hopefully also one day be counted as Calgary’s availability of ethical product grows.

It can also be confusing to the public when there are so many different symbols that are considered “fair trade”.  The Fairtrade Mark represents the best known and most respected ethical certification system for social sustainability.  It provides an easy and reliable way to know that products have met credible standards that are set and monitored following best practices, public input, and regular audits. 

Fair Trade Campuses

University of Calgary

First designated Fair Trade Campus in Alberta

Bow Valley College

Designation in Progress

Fair Trade Schools

Calgary Arts Academy

Calgary's only Fair Trade School

Fair Trade Workplaces

Florist Supply Ltd.

Fair Trade Flowers from Ecuador & Kenya

Momentum Calgary

Learn, Earn, Save & Thrive with Momentum

Mennonite Central Committee

Relief, development and peace in the name of Christ Search form Search


Fair Trade is a global movement of consumers, producers, businesses and certifiers who consider people and the planet first.

They all work to ensure that they’re focusing on treating resources as limited, and are creating products that benefit the producers who make them and the land that grows them.